When will I receive my order?
Your order will arrive in 3-6 days.


How large are the panels?
Our panels are 8” x 8” square and about 0.7mm thick. 

What kind of materials do you use for your glass photo panels?
Each photo is printed onto ultra-lightweight tempered glass much like the glass used for mobile phones and tablets. Each glass photo tile is then mounted onto a thin foamcore so that it appears to “float” on your wall.

Where are your photo tiles manufactured?
All of our photo tiles are printed in the USA to the highest quality standards.

Hanging AirGlass™

How do I affix AirGlass™ to the wall?
It’s easy. Each Airglass comes with an adhesive pad on the back. Easily peel off the protective film on the pad. Then simply press the Airglass onto the wall.

Will any type of wall work?
Our panels adhere to the overwhelming majority of surfaces. They’re meant to be applied to painted drywall, modern plaster, cinder block, glass, wood, vinyl, tile and other smooth, sealed and finished surfaces. We do not advise applying tiles to wallpaper nor to a freshly painted wall. If your wall is freshly painted, check your paint can for cure time. No adhesive is completely fool-proof. So please do not place glass panels over beds or cribs or in other areas where a falling panel could cause damage to a person or property. We strongly suggest applying to walls with carpeting or other soft surfaces below. 

Can I remove a tile once it’s on the wall?
Absolutely! Just pull gently on the front of the panel, and it will come right off the wall. Our tiles are super durable, you never have to worry about damaging a tile when you remove it.